Video Marketing: Setup and Equipment

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Video Marketing: Equipment and Setup

Every small business needs a video marketing strategy - this is not a new idea.

What has changed is how important video has become on EVERY platform and channel.

Video is no longer just one piece of your marketing plan. It became essential to your promotion, marketing and sales efforts … especially your social media strategy.

Video is totally dominating social media.

Why is this important for you?

Well... If you aren't creating and publishing video, you're probably falling behind.

But... don't worry!

For most videos, the simpler it is - the more authentic the content seems.
And that's what really matters to your clients and prospects.

Even better... video production is cheaper, easier to use, and more accessible than ever before... you can even film high-quality, 4K videos with your smartphone.

However, between camera equipment to lighting to setup, video marketing can still seem pretty complicated. 

That's why we created this short video.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

It's true... video is one of the most powerful tools to grow a business, but most small business owners struggle seeing results with it.

The video you just watched is part of the Video Marketing Course - where you learn why video is the most effective marketing strategy, and how to integrate it easily into your marketing plan.

In this course:

  • you learn how to use video to connect with your target audience and really talk to them;
  • you discover how to easily overcome the reluctance of standing in front of a camera;
  • you get an easy-to-implement action plan that will walk you through the steps and avoid becoming overwhelmed with unnecessary technicalities;
  • you learn the 10 different types of business videos, and understand what suits best for each strategic marketing objective, be it building credibility or brand awareness, attracting clients, differentiating you from the competition, saving time, building a stronger relationship with your potential clients and more...

Let us know in the comment box below, what is the first/next video you commit to film and publish to support your business... This public commitment will help you keep it, and will inspire others to commit too.

We can’t wait to read your commitment and get inspired.

And until then...

Live fully, stay awesome…

Vered & Nisandeh Neta

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    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks Roos. Would love to hear what would be YOUR next video.
      If you’re not sure how to do it, check our special offer for this full course that would give you what you need to start with video marketing

  • Willy Triest says:

    Hi Vered and Nisandeh, it’s been a while. Rit and I hope you are well.

    After our OC Courses, I made a few content videos. We also recorded some leve Course sessions we presented. Personally I really like this medium, but as usual I’m not always sure on how to use the material afterwards. So I’m ready to dive in this time and learn more about making and using video.

    As I’m working irregular hours in hospital, I wonder if the Video Course material would be available online for some time, or are you offering real time sessions.

    Big hug,

    • Gerdy Heek says:

      Hey Willy, these sessions are online so you can watch them any time you want- and for as long as you want.

      • Willy Triest says:

        Cheers Gerdy, that’s great.

  • Japke Englebert says:

    Thanks for the input. I am going to work on my website than I will make a video aswell.

  • Ems Peters says:

    After reading the comment of Gerdy, I went looking through my membership of BizKaizen / mykajabi and I became happy! It is still there! I’m going to use it again. Thank you very much Gerdy, Vered and Nisandeh and team.

  • I need to improve my website first. Maybe I’ll make a video for that too.
    Ik moet eerst nog mijn website verbeteren. Wellicht dat ik daar ook een video voor ga maken.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks Francisco for your wonderful contribution.
      I think that would be a fantastic idea to show people how to improve their website.

    • Hey Han…
      Your prospects and clients are not looking for a top model.
      They’re looking for authenticity… someone they can trust.

      How you look doesn’t make any difference… what you say, and how you say it – is all that matters to them.

      But if you don’t want to be in front of the camera, for any reason… there are several ways to do it.
      Check out the Video Marketing Course for some great suggestions…

  • Wietse Siebenga says:

    I really am eager to start making videos. One Question: what exactly does the Video Marketing Unit consist of? How many lessons? What is the content of the lessons? I am extremely curious!

    • Gerdy Heek says:

      Hi Wietse,
      There are 14 lessons in the course which include how to create a video for the About Me section of your website. How to get a great client testimonials videos, how to show on a video a success story of one of your clients, how to create a video course in your expertise field, how to create a Vlog (blog on video) and many more topics that would make you stand out in your field.

      hope this helps! Let me know if you have other questions.

      • Wietse Siebenga says:

        Thanks. This helps me to decide. Positively.

  • Thanks for reminding me. I already shot some video’s, based on a training I followed a few years back, and published them. I will work on more now.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Great to hear that Manny. Would love to hear what would be the topic of that video?

  • Gerdy Heek says:

    I already started with making videos to thank my supporters (these are people who pay a membership fee every month) personally. They love it!

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks Gerdy for this great input.
      Do you have any tips on how to do these Thank-You videos?

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