Summer Camp(s).

Summer is coming up, and it may be the first time that you start feeling like life is becoming "normal" again.

You might be looking forward to a real vacation - with places to go, people to meet, experiences to explore...

Or you might be looking for ways to bring your business back to growth mode, or maybe to the next major jump in impact and income...

What if you could combine those into a week or two of vacation, adventure, networking and... business growth like you have never experienced before?

As we guide our ongoing mentoring and coaching groups, we get more and more the impression that independent professionals are longing for someone who's been there and done that to guide them closely on the path to business success, influence, impact, and... income growth.

So, we decided to open our house and our minds to a few committed individuals that want us as guides for what we call a "Summer Camp".

A Summer Camp would be a closely guided journey of learning, practice, and mainly DOING... in order to take your expertise and business to a whole new level.

You can join the Summer Camp, either:

  • from the comfort of your home (via Zoom);
  • from your vacation place, anywhere (via Zoom); OR
  • in our home and gardens in Tenerife (LIVE).

Your time investment would be 4-5 hours a day.
So the rest of the day you can continue in your normal life, or keep enjoying your vacation - alone or with your family.

Your financial investment in the Summer Camp is the same no matter where you are (home, vacation, Tenerife).
(not including travel, accommodation and meals...)

We have in mind 3 different Summer Camps,
and we'd love to know from you, which one is THE ONE for you...

The Ultimate Book

At the end of this 10-day Camp:

✅ You will have the ULTIMATE Expert Building Book ready for editing and publishing;

✅ Your book will answer your audience's (prospective clients) most urgent and important questions, like no other book does;

✅ You will use cutting edge artificial intelligence to identify the top questions and trends in your area of expertise - so no guessing and no mistakes;

✅ You will get the most advanced technique to answer these questions - delivering maximum value with minimum time investment; AND...

✅ You will use the most sophisticated marketing strategy to make the book a bestseller, and convert your readers to paying clients.

Become a Known Expert

At the end of this 10-day Camp:

✅ You will have all the content for your ULTIMATE Expert Website ready;

✅ Your will have an irresistible opt-in offer to convert website visitors to loyal subscribers, AND the landing page to "sell" it;

✅ You have filmed 8 extremely valuable videos to start (or boost) your YouTube channel, AND the system to create infinite number of similar videos.

✅ You have created 8 extremely valuable blog articles, AND the template to create infinite number of similar posts;

✅ You have created at least 40 social media for different purposes, AND the system and templates to create as many more as you need; AND...

✅ You will have your own strategic plan to build your expert position within 12 months.

Train the Trainer

In this 10-day Camp you will learn:

✅ How to communicate effectively and clearly to large groups online or offline;

✅ How to develop an authentic presentation style;

✅ How to blend data with entertainment and heart;

✅ How to control the energy in the room;

✅ How to design a powerful program from A to Z;

✅ How to use ‘Accelerated Learning’ techniques so your participants learn faster and remember more;

✅ How to refine your own unique and authentic style and use humor and emotions;

✅ How to earn 15,000 euro or more per weekend training;

✅ How to offer products and future courses so people line up to buy them;

✅ How to market your seminars and yourself as a speaker/trainer.

We'd love to know, which Summer Camp is THE ONE for you...

As soon as we have clarity on the "winning" Summer Camp, we'll let you know.

And until then...

Live fully, stay awesome…
Vered & Nisandeh Neta

If you know anyone that might be interested in any of the 3 Summer Camps...
please take a moment to send them to this page...