Self-Esteem While You Sleep

SELF-ESTEEM WHILE YOU SLEEP: affirmations for self-esteem & self-confidence

Self esteem affirmations while you sleep are a positive sleep programming for self love, self confidence, and self esteem.

This video will last for 7:20 hours and will allow you to enjoy a full night of high quality sleep. Simply turn on the video when you go to bed, lay back, relax, and fall asleep. The self-esteem affirmations in the recording will be absorbed by your subconscious as you sleep, reprogramming your mind so that you can feel high self esteem and confidence in every area of your life.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind will erase past conditioning and build lasting high self esteem and self confidence. These powerful 'I AM' confidence affirmations will automatically reprogram your mind while you sleep and rewire your thoughts to align with a vibration of high self-worth.

Make your dream of having a healthy self esteem become a reality with the awesome power of this Self Esteem Sleep Meditation, designed to help you to build confidence and boost your self esteem all from the comfort of your bed.

Real confidence... and REAL Self Esteem are about feeling, and more importantly "Knowing" on an internal level, that no matter what the world decides to throw at you, you'll always be ready to give your best.

Reprogram your mind and become the ultimate version of yourself with the immense power of this new age subliminal technology.

You'll begin to feel different from the very first time you listen, and if you continue to listen every night for 21 nights we guarantee you'll be amazed at the results.

Listen to these affirmations every night for 21 days in a row. Doing so will ingrain these powerful statements and help you boost your self confidence, self worth, and self-esteem.

As you hear each affirmation, you can repeat it back to yourself in your mind or out loud. Or … you can just visualize yourself living and embracing the statement.

This recording was designed to be played at bedtime as you fall asleep. Let these confidence and self-esteem affirmations permeate your subconscious mind - while you drift off to sleep.

Again, to get the most out of these self confidence sleep affirmations, play them every night for 21 days in a row. After that you can return to this recording whenever you need a boost of self confidence, self worth, and self-esteem.

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