Questions for Self-Reflection.

How to Get Through the Tough Times in Life?

Like it or not, difficult times, tough situations, stressful circumstances and scary obstacles are part of life.

In those tough times, we often start asking, “why me?”, “how will I ever get through this?”, or “what is wrong with me?”

While these are not necessarily bad questions, they usually disempower, paralyse and demotivate - which only make the situation even more difficult.

This is why it is important to ask yourself the right questions when you are going through tough times.

So... we've created a powerful tool to help you deal with any difficult situation, by actually asking you an empowering question designed for your situation, so you could reflect, learn, and take action to make the best of the situation.

How to Use this Self Reflection Tool:

  1. Phrase the difficult situation in a few words (e.g. loneliness, financial worries, bad health, broken marriage, lost faith...)
  2. Type these words into the text box below, and click the red button.
  3. Get an empowering question tailored to your situation.
  4. Reflect on the question.
  5. Share this tool with your network - you might help someone in need.

Type in Your Situation (e.g. losing my job, getting depressed, no purpose...):

Am I Guarding My Heart from Unhealthy Influences?

A basic rule for healthy living is, “Be around people who support you and limit your exposure to those who aren’t.”

You need trustworthy, safe people in your life – people who accept you as you are.
You need good listeners who don’t try to fix you or give advice you haven’t asked for.

Negative influences will poison your heart.
If you’re judged, criticized, belittled, or micro-managed enough, your heart will naturally want to go into hiding.
You can’t afford to let that happen.

Your heart is your most prized possession.
Your heart is who you are.
Fill your life with positive, healthy people.