I see more potential within you, than you see in yourself. My job is to bring it out of you.

If You See this Page...
then Your Application to the Life Coaching Program
Was Approved. Congratulations!

Helping you design a more exciting and meaningful future

  • Get clarity on what you want out of life, and why - to start living your life - by design
  • Become curious about your current and future self - to fulfill your greatest potential
  • Instill empowering habits, and stop sabotaging habits -  to get the most out of your life
  • Find a greater sense of purpose and meaning - to relax into who you are and your role in this life

Why Life Coaching

Most successful people understand the benefits of investing in themselves.
And coaching is an investment you'll return many times over.

Life coaching isn't just for athletes, pop stars and corporate executives, or those facing a midlife crisis.
It's for anybody sensible enough to realise they have some blind spots that could benefit from an experienced set of objective eyes.

As your coach, my job is to challenge you to get specific on what you want for your future and - most importantly - why. 

I then help you figure out how to adopt the most useful mindset to achieve your goals, along with the right strategies and routines to get there as quickly as possible.

I Believe in You

I have read carefully your detailed application and I am looking forward to support you in the coming year, in our small-group Life Coaching Program.

I have a pragmatic approach to coaching - one that doesn't involve rainbows, unicorns or a magic wand.

I use strategies and tools that are likely to be most effective in your particular situation.

An atmosphere of openness, warmth and total non-judgment is what you can expect from me.
What I ask from you in return is a curious and playful commitment to your growth process.

And although I don’t have that magic wand, as your coach I’m more than happy to kick your butt when you need it.

This is What You Get:

  • An individual intake session with me at the beginning of the program - to define your goals and identify the main challenges we’ll need to tackle (normally €600)

  • A 3-hour monthly group coaching session - where I address each participant’s main challenge for this month, so you’re not only learn the specific solution to your own challenge - but you learn from everyone else’s challenges and solutions (normally €150x12=€1,800)

  • A monthly organized mastermind meeting with the other members of your group - between our monthly sessions together - so you have likeminded people, who are working on the same goals with the same tools to support you with brainstorming and accountability (normally €340)

I Have Some GOOD News and Some BAD News:

The good news:

  • I want you in my coaching group for 2021...
    that means that I believe in you and your goals.

  • The program starts in a couple of weeks...
    so you don’t have to wait to boost your life.

  • We made the program very affordable...
Instead of paying the normal price of €2,740...

    You only pay €1,140 to get it ALL (€1,600 discount).

    OR... you can pay in 12 monthly installments of €148.

The "bad" news:

  • We only have one Coaching group in 2021
    If you don’t join now... you’re on your own for this year.

  • The dates are fixed

    Usually Wednesday mornings every 4 weeks.
    (if you miss a meeting... we’ll record it for you)

  • We have many more applicants than places in the group... 

    so you’ll need to make up your mind and act quickly.

My Promise to You

My job is not to be easy on you.
My job is to take the great person you already are and to push you and make you even better.

I promise you to take my job very seriously this year.

If you're up to it... then join the Life Coaching Program and we'll have an unforgettable year.

Live fully, stay awesome, Vered Neta

PS. As soon as you reserved your place in the coaching program - we will contact you to schedule a personal Zoom call with me to focus you on your goals and challenges for 2021.