How to Become an Expert in Your Field

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Become An Expert In Your Field: Build Your Credibility

They don’t teach you that in the “Expert Academy” and apparently it’s not part of the common “expert knowledge”, but as a professional, freelancer or entrepreneur you must learn how to become the expert in your field.

But WHY do you want to learn how to become an expert in your field?

Here are some important BUSINESS reasons:

  • As an expert in your field – you make more money and build wealth;
  • As an expert you can charge higher prices than your competitors;
  • You get better clients as an expert;
  • You get more publicity as an expert;
  • When you are recognized as an expert – you are offered more business opportunities;
  • Business becomes easier when you are known as an expert in your field...

So, you see – from a business point of view – there’s no better position to be in the market than – the Expert.

But there’s more than that…

The Expert Lifestyle is unique, and very rewarding:

  • You serve others by creating information that can improve their life;
  • Your work is based on your passion, experience and knowledge;
  • You get paid for the value you deliver, not for the hours that you work (best way to build wealth);
  • You don’t need a large team;
  • The tools for success as an expert are simple and cheap;
  • Your financial income as an expert is disproportionate to any other industry...

In this video, you learn the 10 elements that will help you build your credibility as an expert.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Why some business owners seem to attract effortlessly high paying clients, charging only for their value and not their time, and others don’t?

To be able to create more impact and charge more while doing it, you need to establish an expert position.

As an expert, you will be able to charge higher prices and get better clients, more publicity & business opportunities.

The video you just watched is part of the Expert Business Masterclass - where you learn how to become the top-of-mind authority in your niche.

In the Expert Business Masterclass you learn how to take all your knowledge, experience, information and advice, and position it, package it and promote it in such a way that you become widely known as an expert and not just that – a highly paid expert.

Once you establish yourself as an expert, business becomes easier and you can focus on what you love: creating an impact in people’s lives.

Let us know in the comment box below, what are you going to implement in your business, after watching this video... This public commitment will help you keep it, and will inspire others to commit too.

We can’t wait to read your commitment and get inspired.

And until then...

Live fully, stay awesome…

Vered & Nisandeh Neta

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  • Nice presentation…
    I’m already a known expert in my business, but I could improve on ‘PR’. So far, in fact I do not make publicity for my own or for my business …. but I do make good contacts with people and companies that are interesting prospects to do business with.
    Frankly, I’m not in a hurry with my business: I put quality over quantity.
    So, in short: your presentation triggered me to do more on PR / Publicity, in a way that suits my business and me personally.
    Thank you for making me more aware of that aspect.

  • Wow, this video couldn’t be timed better for me… I just gave up my beautiful 260m3 workplace & showroom, because I was totally out of focus with my company. After cutting down, I’m in my home office ready to start afresh. Thank you, Nisandeh and Vered, these ‘handles’ are very helpful!

    Today I start with my personal journey and ‘about’, because I realise there’s already so much valuable expertise that I never shared with my clients. And especially my vulnerable moments can give my clients the safety they need in their grief process (my company is a design studio for gravestones, urns and comforting gifts).

    ’till next time,


    • Vered Neta says:

      That’s fantastic to read Ine.
      Thanks for your wonderful and open comment on what you’re going to do.

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