Guided Meditations to Help You Live Your Life.
Every Day.
On Your Own Terms.

Every day (for 15 days) you will receive one guided visualization or guided meditation to help you go inside and grow and prosper in times of crisis... and for the rest of your life.

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Here’s what people are saying about this course:

Annemiek Steur

Author of Fantasy Books

I always have trouble relaxing, but this really helped!

I felt the vibration and even though it took me a while to find my space, I was so happy when I found it, because it is so easy to feel relaxed, nourished, safe and happy while I'm there.

Joyce Beckker

Awareness Trainer & Coach

Usually I don't have the patience for meditations, even guided ones.

But yours with your enthusiastic guidance I can surrender to it. I truly enjoyed it and want to do this again several times today.

Ben Beurskens 

Leadership Trainer & Coach

The meditation was very pleasant.

I had to cry in the forest, touched by emotion, as if a burden fell from me.

What came up was a future life full of joy, adventures and growth. Thanks!

Miriam Creusen

Management Consultant

I was curious and a bit skeptical... but what a journey!

I saw a jaguar, a black one, strong, beautiful and powerful. He told me a lot of things, step by step, accompanied with moments of silence and patience for me to understand and feel instead of think.

He brought me back to that over and over again; not to fear but to trust, him and myself... in many things…

I recognize so many things he told me.... unbelievable and amazing!

Stefania Papaccioli

Traveller & Entrepreneur

During the meditation... clarity started to come to me.

And I wrote down exactly what I needed. Thanks to the powerful ball of light, I managed to get back to this moment and to gain clarity on my issue rather than worry about what yet has to come.

These morning visualizations are really helpful and powerful.

Silvia Zupanc

Financial & Admin Freelancer

I am surprised about what happened.

I was touched and cried, felt the pain and the longings about the things in my vision.

I never felt and realized these longings so strong and clear....

It felt it is time to claim/accept that this is my vision. living a simple life, close and connected to nature, with my beloved good friends around, I am meaningful to people by being and giving myself.

Japke Englebert

Shiatsu Therapist & Coach

This meditation is one of my favorites.

Several years ago I got rid of a awful neck pain because of this meditation. 

Now it tells me to stay more in the present and enjoy the time I can have for myself.

Greet Selderslaghs

Life Planner & Coach

This was great!

Much more profound than any other body scan meditation I have ever done!

Willem Boone

Teacher, Trainer, Journalist

Very interesting visualization

I have a sore hip that was actually playing up during the visualization and when I asked my hip to no longer hurt, the pain instantly stopped!

what you get

When the world seems to be going mad...

do the ONE thing you have absolute CONTROL over.

Take JUST 10-20 minutes a day and focus INWARDS:

Building your focus, commitment and inner power 
  • Ideal Life Guided Meditation
    (14 min)
  • Guided Meditation for Clarity and Focus (12 min)
  • Unlimited Abundance Guided Meditation (14 min)
  • Future Vision Meditation
    (13 min)
Boosting your health, lowering stress and anxiey 
  • Guided Meditation for Perfect Health (11 min)
  • Guided Meditation for Reducing Anxiety and Stresss
    (21 min)
  • Guided Body Scan Meditation for Mind & Body Healing
    (22 min)
  • Talking to Your Body for Healing (17 min)
Growing your awareness and spiritual muscles
  • Inner Wisdom Meditation
    (9 min)
  • Power Animal Shamanic Journey (29 min)
  • Guided Shamanic Journey Meditation (22 min)
Getting in touch with your intuition and higher wisdom
  • Safe Space Meditation
    (13 min)
  • Connect With Your Higher Self Meditation (12 min)
  • Guided Meditation for Joy and Playfulness (13 min)
  • Meditation for Discovering Your Life Purpose (12 min)

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