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Multiply Your Impact, Influence and Income!

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Become the Top-of-Mind Authority for Your Market

Why some professionals seem to attract effortlessly high paying clients, charging only for their value and not their time, while others don’t?

To be able to create more impact and charge more while doing it, you need to establish an expert position.

As an expert, you will be able to charge higher prices and get better clients, more publicity & business opportunities, while multiplying your impact, and influence to create a better world.

The Expert Summer Camp is a unique, one-time opportunity to take your knowledge, experience, information and advice, and position it, package it and promote it in such a way that you become widely known as an expert and not only that – a highly paid expert.

Once you establish yourself as an expert, business becomes easier and you can focus on what you love: creating an impact in people’s lives.

There is NOTHING Like the Expert Summer Camp. Anywhere!

This 10-day, one-time program, is the most comprehensive training for today’s thought leaders, coaches, consultants, therapists, authors, and speakers.

You learn the 3 most powerful expert-building strategies:

  • How to create the most important book on your expertise;
  • How to become a known expert online;
  • How to become a top trainer/presenter.

In fact, you are getting 3 intensive training programs for the price of one.

You will learn everything you need to know to implement these 3 strategies, but... more than that... much more than that...

You Will Actually Implement

During the 10-day program, you will focus on ONE of the 3 strategies, and actually implement everything you learn, in real time... 

So, by the end of the Summer Camp - you will have ONE of these 3 results:

  • Your new book ready to be edited; or
  • Your Expert Website and social media content ready; or
  • Your YouTube channel and content ready.

AND... you will have all the WHAT and HOW TO knowledge in ALL three topics.

This is what happens when you build your expert position and authority in your field...

1. You get endorsed and recommended by the experts in your field...

2. You get interviewed by the the media and other experts in your field...

3. And this is the type of free publicity you can expect...

Here is What You Would Get/Learn in the Expert Summer Camp:

The Ultimate Book

✅ You will have the ULTIMATE Expert Building Book ready for editing and publishing;

✅ Your book will answer your audience's (prospective clients) most urgent and important questions, like no other book does;

✅ You will use cutting edge artificial intelligence to identify the top questions and trends in your area of expertise - so no guessing and no mistakes;

✅ You will get the most advanced technique to answer these questions - delivering maximum value with minimum time investment; AND...

✅ You will use the most sophisticated marketing strategy to make your book a bestseller, and convert your readers to paying clients.

IMPORTANT: The system you will learn in this module of the Summer Camp
is completely NEW, and was NEVER shared ANYWHERE, by ANYONE!

These are just 2 of the hundreds of bestselling authors that were "born" after following our Write Your Book course creating some impressive results... (in Dutch)

Become the Expert (Masterclass)

✅ You will have all the content for your ULTIMATE Expert Website ready;

✅ You will have an irresistible opt-in offer to convert website visitors to loyal subscribers, AND the landing page to "sell" it;

✅ You have filmed 8 extremely valuable videos to start (or boost) your YouTube channel, AND the system to create infinite number of similar videos.

✅ You have created 8 extremely valuable blog articles, AND the template to create infinite number of similar posts;

✅ You have created at least 40 social media for different purposes, AND the system and templates to create as many more as you need; AND...

✅ You will have your own strategic plan to build your expert position within 12 months.

This is Merijn Kegel (from that grew from 10 clients to a thousand and multiplied his income to millions of euros a year as a result of the material you're going to learn in the Become the Expert module of the Expert Summer Camp.

Master Presenter

✅ You will create a free webinar as a client magnet.

✅ You will create a 3-hour paid workshop. 

✅ You will learn how to communicate effectively and clearly to large groups online or offline;

✅ You will learn how to develop an authentic presentation style;

✅ You will learn how to design a powerful program from A to Z;

✅ You will learn how to use ‘Accelerated Learning’ techniques so your participants learn faster and remember more;

✅ You will learn how to offer products and future courses so people buy them;

This is Tom Beal, one of the world's top business coaches and an international master presenter, describing the value he got from the Master Presenter module of the Expert Summer Camp. 

We Believe in You

  • What if you could have a partner that will be next to you and show you HOW to implement all those to grow your business?
  • What if you could have someone who has accomplished already (many times) what you are trying to achieve, and you could pick his brain, ask your questions, share your challenges and get answers from experience (not from textbooks)
  • What if you could have us - Nisandeh and Vered - as your mentors for 2 weeks?
    To ask you the right questions, listen to you, encourage you, kick your butt, push you, confront you, show you the way and not give up on you...

We are looking forward to support you in our small-group Expert Summer Camp.

When you join me in this Expert Summer Camp - we're going to invest 10 days of our lives together, to grow your expertise, your business, your income and your positive impact in the world.

IMPORTANT: This Expert Camp is an intensive program. Not a retreat.
You should work your butt off for 10 days. It will be worth it. Promise!

How Does it Work:

  • The Expert Summer Camp takes 10 days: July 19-23 (Monday-Friday) and July 26-30 (Monday to Friday).
  • On the first day of the Camp you will be assigned to a small mastermind group of participants with the same focus as you (book, expert online or presentation).
  • Each day you will participate in a 2.5-3-hour workshop/masterclass starting 9:00 AM (NL/BE/DE/IT time) via Zoom.
    This daily workshop/masterclass is where you learn the WHAT and HOW TO information.
  • At the end of each workshop/masterclass you will get the implementation assignment for that day, depending on your goal (Ultimate Book, Become an Expert, or Master Presenter).
  • During the day you will have a chance to "meet" with your mastermind group to brainstorm, give and receive feedback, support and encourage each other.
  • At the end of the day (21:00 NL/BE/DE/IT time) we will meet together again on Zoom to answer any question you might have or challenge you encountered while implementing the day's assignment.
    This will usually be a short (up to 30-minute) session.
  • If you have to miss any of the workshops/Q&A sessions you will be able to download the recording.

But wait... There is More ?:

  • For 3 months after the Camp is over - we will meet all together once every month for a Zoom session, where you're invited to ask any question, or bring any challenge you encountered while implementing the material.
  • For 12 months after the Camp is over - you will meet monthly with the whole group - to brainstorm, feedback, support and encouragement.
  • At the end of the Expert Summer Camp you will get  a personalized website scan of your website to make sure you get the maximum out of it in terms of conversions and authority building.

IMPORTANT: We will do whatever it takes to make sure you finally get that book, website, or YouTube channel ready!
And that you skyrocket your expert position.

We Have Some GOOD News and Some BAD News:

The good news:

  • We want you in the Expert Summer Camp...
    that means that we believe in you and in your business.

  • The camp starts in a couple of weeks...
    so you don’t have to wait to grow your expert position.

  • You can join the camp from ANYWHERE...
    Whether you're at home or on vacation... All you need is an internet connection and a phone, tablet or laptop...

The "bad" news:

  • We only have one Expert Summer Camp in 2021.
    If you don’t join now... you’re on your own.

  • The dates are fixed

    (if you have to miss a workshop... we’ll record it for you)

  • We have more applicants than places in the group... 

    so you’ll need to make up your mind and act quickly.

Our Promise to You

Our job is not to be easy on you.
Our job is to take the expert you already are and to push you and make you even better and bigger.

We promise you to take our job very seriously this summer.

If you're up to it... then join the Expert Summer Camp and we'll have an unforgettable summer.

To your success,

Nisandeh & Vered Neta