Do You Sabotage Your Own Success?

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You Are Amazing!

  • You can think, feel, decide, change your mind, and accomplish extraordi­nary things.
  • You can constantly write and rewrite the story of your life.
  • You can design your life and change your future.
  • You can have anything you want.

Your amazing brain has the ability to process enormous amounts of infor­mation, learn huge quantities of facts and data, and apply your mind to achieving happiness, health, wealth, wisdom and an ideal life.

No Limits on Your Potential

Your true potential is only limited by your imagination and by your willingness to do whatever it takes. And since there are no limitations on what you can imagine, there are no limitations on what you can do with your life except those you put on yourself.

You have the ability to set goals, make plans, learn almost anything, manage your time, communicate and negotiate, break through your obstacles, and achieve success and happiness.

What Stops You?

With all these advantages and potential...

  • Why is it that most people don’t fulfill their greatest potential? 
  • Why is it that so many people are living a life of mediocrity instead of living a life of greatness?

Why Do You Do the Things You Do?

You are always free to choose.
The only thing you have complete control over... is your thinking.

Your life, in every way, is the result of the choices you have made up until now.

Since only you can make the choices affecting your life, you are totally responsible for everything you are and everything you become.

To start creating your ideal life - you need to understand who you are and how you got to where you are today. Once you know these, you can move forward with confidence to create the future you desire.

A Lesson in Economics

How would you like to learn four years of university economics in a couple of minutes?

All you have to do is answer three simple questions honestly.


Question #1 - Easy or Difficult?

If you would have to choose between 2 jobs (or 2 businesses), both pay the same, but one is easy and the other is difficult.
Which one would you choose?

Anyone who is honest would prefer the easy job.
Just like preferring the easy way to achieve optimal health, great relationship, climate change, world peace or any other goal.

It’s not good or bad. That’s just how we are wired as human beings.

Question #2 - More or Less?

If you could get two different salaries (or income) for doing the same work: €10,000 per year or €100,000 per year.
Which one would you choose?

Again... anyone who is honest would prefer to get more for their effort - if it’s in money, love, happiness, fame, or any other measurement of success.

It’s not good or bad. That’s just how we are wired.

Question #3 - Sooner or Later?

Now that you have chosen the easier job paying €100,000 per year, if you could get paid in full today, or one year from today, which date would you choose?

And again... anyone who is honest will prefer to have their reward as soon as possible. We’d like to get paid, lose weight, gain a 6-pack, graduate from university, win an award, have our book published... As. Soon. As. Possible.

And again... It’s not good or bad. That’s just how we are wired.

And here is the promised lesson, a summary of four years of university economics:

EVERYONE is Lazy, Greedy and Impatient

Let this sink in for a moment.

Every person, everywhere, in all circumstances... including you... is by nature: lazy, greedy and impatient.

The qualities of laziness, greed and impatience apply to saints and politicians, businesses and customers, young and old, rich and poor, educated and unedu­cated.

This is the way the world works. Because this is human nature.

  • You might be shocked or angry by this descrip­tion of human nature. 
  • You might deny that this is an accurate description of who you are.
  • You might not accept that oth­ers behave this way. 

But this is not an opinion; it is an honest and clear description of the basic driving forces of human nature.

And Now What?

Now let’s take the two facts we discussed in this article, and put them together:

  1. You are lazy, greedy and Impatient. AND....
  2. You have the ability to think, feel, decide, change your mind, and accomplish extraordi­nary things.

And suddenly a roadmap appears...

Instead of having to fix your situation, your partner, your circumstances, the economy, or the politicians... maybe all you have to do is work on your basic attitudes... laziness, greed and impatience...

In the coming 3 articles, we will show you how to deal with laziness, greed and impatience.

But until then...

We Want You to Start Thinking...

We want you to answer 3 questions. And... yes, we know...

It’s difficult to think it through and then type your answer into the comment box.
It’s easier to do nothing and expect us and other readers to provide you with insights and ideas.

But this time... don’t limit your potential.
Tell your lazy part to have a cup of coffee, and answer these 3 questions in the comment box below:

  1. Do you recognize what we describe in this article?
  2. Would you like to work on those attitudes?
  3. How would you do that on your own?

Can't wait to read your insights.

And until then...

Live fully, stay awesome…

Vered & Nisandeh Neta

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  • Marjolein Etten says:

    1. Yes, I do recognize this and even have been telling this myself before I read it here. It makes me a bit depressed though…
    2. YES! Of course! I want to do more with my life than just hang around. I’ve got life goals.
    3. With a lot of effort… but I think you better do this with a mentor.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks for your honest comment Marjolein.

      Curious to know what are your LIFE GOALS?and stay tune to our emails as we would have a program for those who wish to create a life beyond those natural tendencies of us a humans of Lazy, Greedy and Impatient

  • Iwan Nyst says:

    1. Sure, I recognise it. It’s the human condition of the mind. I identify as a human. I’m walking around in that identity for a while now. I observed the mind a bit. So, yeah, sure, that’s me as well.

    2. Well, what can we do? It’s what and who we are, with a mind. The attitudes are there, they don’t change, they fulfill mental needs. Better live with it and try to be happy and bring some happiness in the world around us.

    3. You don’t do that on your own. You look for and find an inspirational (spiritual) teacher who understands the truth.

    And if you then practise daily and go around your life in an as concious, reflective an integer way as you can, always striving to become more honest about yourself, then you’ll find ways of expanding the self, becoming happy yourself and creating succes and happiness in the world.

    In this way the needs of the mind can and will be fulfilled as well, which will slowly but steadily appease the mind and you will get more reign over the mind and its attitudes and can apply them more and more for the common good. 🙂

  • Yes i have been lazzzzy.
    Living from my savings too long.

    Got to get going now. Yes want to learn to change my attitude

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks Laura for your honest and open respond.
      AND… Stay tuned in the next few weeks, and we’ll take you step-by-step through the process…
      Make it an awesome day.

  • Marjo Engbers says:

    Hi Nisandeh and Vered,

    1) I totally recognize this.
    2) I don’t LIKE to work on it, but I Find it necessary to DO. Otherwise I don’t think I will come further or nothing is gonna change in the future.
    3) I can try it on my own, but I think it is better and more EFFECTIVE to ask for help!

    So: Nisandeh and Vered: can you help me with this? To work on my basic attitudes?
    With greatings, Marjo Engbers.

    • Hang in there, Marjo… ?
      We’ll never just raise an issue/problem/challenge without offering a solution.
      Stay tuned in the next few weeks, and we’ll take you step-by-step through the process…
      Make it an awesome day.

  • Absolutely true, no difficulties accepting that. It’s who we are and it’s okay.

    I don’t judge about being lazy, greedy nor impatient. Actually being lazy keeps me from working too hard. Being lazy gives me time with my loved ones.

    Greedy motivates me to earn more money. Lazy + greedy gives me inspiration and creativity on how to make money easier, with no hard work so that I can spend time with my loved ones.

    Impatience for me is like the little child in me. I love that child. It makes me feel enthusiastic about life.

    So no, I don’t want to work on those things – I love them. And that helps me in my business because I understand very well that my potential clients are also lazy, greedy and impatient… 😉 Yet we do amazing things together and accomplish goals in an amazing and creative way … lazy, greedy, impatience and all.

  • I know it is super hard to do otherwise
    Realising the answers I know I should give and the answers that simply seem to make sense.

    How I Work on being succesful?
    I practice daily!
    Affirmations, visualisations, exercise, meditation, reading and writing help me keep the focus on my goals.

    Then I am thankful, grateful, celebrate the successes and continue on.

    I got rewarded lately a lot! My bank account shows it. It is great to know what I worked for and see that it pays off.

    I continue more and more along this road of simply doing what I need to do. Knowing that my brain controls me and I am in control of my brain.
    It feels amazingly good to work hard, get paid more and have to see later the amounts coming in.
    The system is in me , my brain.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks Boukje for giving us your wisdom and input.
      Great to hear that even in 2020 your year has been successful and your bank account can show for it.
      You’re probably doing something RIGHT!

      However, it’s “strange” that you have not answered the questions WE have asked you.
      1. If you do the SAME JOB would you prefer to do it in an EASY way or the HARD way?
      2. If you do the SAME JOB would you prefer to get paid for it MORE or LESS?
      3. If you get the SAME RESULTS when would you prefer getting it NOW or LATER?

      When you avoid answering these questions you avoid looking at the source of the problem and can never truly fulfil your potential.

      Curious to know how would you tackle those results?

  • Henk Lamboo says:

    Yes of courseI reconize those three hot items.

    That’s why I am writing my new book about the psychology of trading.
    As a stock broker you can’t deal with lazy, greedy nor impatient attitude.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks Henk for your honest input.

      However, I’m curious to know HOW do YOU deal with those three aspects in your life?

  • Alexandra says:

    1. Yes I recognize what you describe in general. The first answer for me is to choose the difficult one as I love to have brain work and all my competences are needed as that makes me feel alive and more satisfied. But yes high income and quick result is nice to have.

    2. As I am someone who reacts on my intuition and impulse vibe I like to learn to be less eager, more patient and long term balanced.

    I am very scattered with, do a lot of things and projects at the same time. So it would give me rest and energy with focus, discipline and rhythm and less topics and balls to hold in the air. I feel like I have to hold up to many balls on my own.

    3. I have a jobcoach now for 4 hours booked.

    • Alexandra Althuis says:

      Great start to analyze this

  • Yes, indeed, I recognise myself in your description and many others around me.

    It’s not nice to see it this way and verbal rebellion itches to defend myself. Luckily, I know that this is not the solution and won’t bring change.

    To work on this on my own is hard (oh gosh, here we go again…).

    To really work on this I’ll need to have heavy road rails in my brain to think the right thoughts which lead to the right actions.

    On my own I have to force myself and this results in resistance. I hope there is another way to get out of this…

  • 1. Yes I am lazy, not so much I the sense that I don’t work hard. I do, but I’m lazy in the sense that I’m not so much taking time to direct my energy, intentions and effort it the way I want it to move, So I keep going in the way the momentum is happening.

    2. Yes I want to do that and I already do that. And I’ve noticed that creating time to connect to my purpose always pays off in this way. I’m reconnected to what gives me joy, pleasure and inspiration and its so much easier to redirect. I’ve discovered that just “working hard” on myself works really counterproductive.

    3. I’m meditating, visualising, thinking before I act. Connecting to how I want to feel and I take small steps in the direction I want to go.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thank you for your honest answers Miriam.

      It’s great that you noticed that being lazy has nothing to do with whether you work hard or not… but have a look if there is something else that makes us lazy…

  • Annette Petersen says:

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. I like to think that I am doing that , with affirmations but it’s not really going anywhere

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks for your honest answers Annette.

      Please explain more what you mean when you say: “but it’s not really going anywhere”?

  • Alma Ooster says:

    1. Laziness. Yes and no. I am A hard worker. In some areas like creating A project with building A small house stone by stone.And in some areas I am lazy like in household.
    Greed. Yes in having good food and clothes.
    Impatience. Yes I hate new digital systems because I need time to understand and learn.

    2. Yes, I need more discipline and routines in my day that support me in reaching my goals. I need sport and meditation to feel inner power and belief.

    3, on my own I would make A weekly schedule to build New rhytms. I Will. Starting next week after Sinterklaas.

  • Claudia Benmesahel-Kruidbos says:

    Yes I do recognize myself in the article.

    I know in my brain, I know what to do and did expirienced it before that I am my own creator. Even though I know, right now I don’t get myself on the road to do what is needed to be done and pack myself and start the chance.

    I dont think I can do it by myself but I know I have to. It feels like I am going around and around in my head.

    Every evening I say to myself that I will start and then in the morning I don’t.

  • Janneke Ubels says:

    Laziness: I most of the time feel being held back, in resistance, because of conflicting thoughts, doubts, seeking safety…

    Greed: so many thoughts, ideas and wishes are tumbling over each other, which holds me back from focussing on one goal, and actually finishing (or even starting) something.

    Impatience: my mind pulls me away from the ‘here and now’, into the ideal future.

    As I write this down it comes to me that, maybe, living more mindfully, and making time for meditation, would be a good idea.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks for your honesty in your answer Janneke.

      The question is – What are you willing to DO to change it?

  • Carine de Winter says:

    Yes, in principle people are like this, but in fact my reality is different.

    Because being lazy is not my intention, in fact I like it to be easy.

    Being greedy is not who I really am, in fact I am satisfied with my life and income, but having more so I can spend more time on those matters that are keeping me alive, is better!

    Being impatient is in principle everybody , because it serves the easiest way in life. But in fact I am not that impatient, By committing to your earlier programs, I have improved my finances and better times are coming.

    To be honest, today is not my best day, in fact a little grey..

    • Thanks Carine for your openness…

      Let me see if I understand you correctly…

      You write that “… being lazy is not my intention, in fact I like it to be easy.“
      That’s what all of us human beings like… to have it easy.
      That’s our definition of “lazy”.
      Not as a judgement, just an observation.

      Don’t fall into the money example when we talk about greed.
      Greed is about wanting more of anything that is important for you.
      What would you PREFER – more health or less health, more world peace or less world peace, more bright days in your life or less of them…
      Wanting more of the good stuff (whatever it is for you) is our human nature.
      We call it “greed”…
      Again… no judgement… just an observation.

      You write “… better times are coming…”
      I love your optimism and trust.
      But the question is, what would you PREFER? That the “better times” will come this year, or 10 years from now…?

      I hope it’s clearer now… and wishing you a better day, today.

  • I do recognize some of it.
    And do work on it already.

    It’s all about mindset and prioritizing. That last thing, (prioritizing) is where I do struggle and get off track.

    I need to set boundaries for myself where I also want to have the circle open….? to grow…. but too fast….
    I do that with daily list.

    Listening to Jim Rohn “tutorials” op (to motivate myself)

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks Jur for your honest and openness in your answer.

      Would love to hear what tutorials of Jim Rohn you have found the most motivating for you

        • Vered Neta says:

          Hi Jur, Any specific ones that stand out for you, that you could recommend for others?

  • I recognize myself very well in these messages.

    I’d like to think I am not as bad as mentioned but there is a lot of room for improvement.

    I will work on these items. Write them down, think about them daily and be happy for every improvement made.
    I will include my girlfriend in my journey because she will let me know when I am not right.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks Ard for your honesty and commitment in your answer.

      Recognizing these traits doesn’t make you a “bad” person, only… HUMAN, nothing wrong with that.

      As for your actions THINKING is probably the most important factor of it. The question is what type of thinking are you going to use?
      Is it the old sabotaging, automatic thoughts or are you going to challenge yourself to ASK questions and challenge what you are doing?

  • Hanny Schouten says:

    First of all, I would not choose the easiest neither the difficult job. I would choose the one that fits me the most, what I really like even when it is difficult.

    The next question is about money, if I really like the job with my heart ? , I will go for that job even what it will pay me, even when it is not that much. I did that earlier in my life and it gave me so much satisfaction.

    The last question: I don’t need the money before I do the job, I like to have it regular. But in my personal situation I got it afterwards and that was okay for me. I was so happy doing that beautiful work.

    I found out that doing what your heart gives you, is the best you can do in life.

    Thank you for this challenge and thank you for what I learned from both of you.

    With love and light, Hanny Schouten.

    • Thanks Hanny for your honesty and your kind words.

      However, I hope it’s ok if I’ll challenge you a bit further…

      What you did, is turning around our questions to fit what you believe are the “right answers”.

      Let me clarify…

      About easy or difficult… it has nothing to do with the job that fits you the most.
      Both are EXACTLY THE SAME job – but one you can do easily and the other with difficulty.
      It can be cleaning your house – would you rather do it the easy way or the difficult way?
      The purpose is the same. The result is the same. Just the amount of effort is different.

      About getting paid… again it has nothing to do with the job.
      It’s EXACTLY THE SAME job – for one you get €10,000 for the other €100,000.
      They can be both boring or both exciting… but they’re exactly the same. Just the pay is different.

      About patience… the question is not about needing the money or not.
      It’s about your preference.
      When would you PREFER to get your reward. Early or late?

      The questions are simple… and confronting.
      But when you turn them around, they’re a lot less confronting, and as a result… nothing to do, nothing to change, nothing to grow from.

      It’s your choice.

      In my world… picking up the easy, less confronting way, is called laziness.
      Not a judgement… just an observation.
      And as we mention in the article… this is what being a human being is… in our core.

      Hope that clarifies it…

  • Carine Tortelboom says:

    1. I do
    2. Oooh yes, it would make my life easier
    3. Well, that’s the hard part . I am very quickly distracted and I don’t have the knowledge

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks for your honest input Carine.

      However, the most important question is the 3rd one and what you gave is one of your excuses that keeps you doing the same old stuff.
      If you stick to that story nothing will change.

      Now, don’t fall into the trap of being lazy and THINK of some POSSIBLE ways that you CAN DO to work on those issues.

      Curious to know what you came up with, I trust that you can do it

  • Didi Ingenegeren says:

    1) totally recognize. I actually found out in a coaching challenge about honesty that I am greedy and could admit it. Not nice haha. Impatient I knew already, with circumstances and above all with myself. And lazy. Yes, so lazy to not do the (right) work and just accept the situation where I am now because change is not ‘urgent’.

    2)I like to work on those attitudes and especially patience, because when I am not patient I don’t acknowledge my efforts and progress. Greed. I should have at least a bit of this, or call it selfcare, because financial situation is still bad.

    3)How. Get educated in finance and business. It has been a blind spot for years (‘things will work out if I’m good at my service’) and I am starting to work on it in a more focused way.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Great answers Didi and thanks for being honest about it.

      Curious to know what steps would you take to educate yourself on finance and business?

  • 1. O yes, I do recognize it!

    2. Yes I do, I think I have been working on them my whole life (as people call me very patient), but I also believe I have to keep working on them because else you fall back into the human nature habits.

    3. I am not sure if I can, but for now, I am taking it step by step to improve those habits and other more specific habits!

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks for your honest input Saskia,

      Curious to know how are you working on improving those habits? What ACTIONS do you take, would love to hear about it.

  • David Meijers says:

    1) I recognize it. Though I wonder why it is then that I often choose the difficult way.

    2) Yes, especially the impatience part definitely needs some attention.

    3) I wouldn’t. By definition a (human)being cannot see its own blind spots. I get very impatient practising not being impatient (which is an observation, not a belief :-)).

    I am Amazing!

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks David for your honest input.

      However, I’m still curious to know how would you work on those issues on your own. You don’t have a blind spot anymore, once you read this blog post… That’s a lazy answer…

  • Ylonga Arets says:

    Yes I recognize it, and like to work on it. on my own it is not that easy, for me too, is lazy:)

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thanks for your honest comment Ylonga.

      However, if you’re not willing to think HOW CAN you work on changing it, nothing will change…
      Don’t be lazy and come up with a few possible ways you can do it.

      Curious to know what you come up with

  • Japke Englebert says:

    I recognize what you are saying. Only the first question my reaction was I choose the one which will make me happy and that would not be necessary the easy one actually my whole life I didn’t choose the easy way.

    Anyway I recognize laziness. And I would like to work on this issues because with less laziness, greedy and impatient live would be more relaxed.

    How do I work for myself on this things be more grateful and happy for what is

    Being proud on what I already achieved, making to do lists to be more efficient and affirmations to create more energie which I use for the todo list.

    First thing in to do list meditate everyday at least ten minutes.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Great steps to take Japke.

      Let us know how it goes.

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