I see more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself. My job is to bring it out of you.

If You See this Page...
then Your Application to the Business Mentoring Program
Was Approved. Congratulations!

It's Not Easy...

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely, hard and confusing path…

Even more so this year, after a year of pandemic, and before the financial crisis is really gonna hit almost everyone.


  • What if you could have a partner that will be next to you and show you WHAT to implement to grow your business?
  • What if you could have someone who has accomplished already (many times) what you are trying to achieve, and you could pick his brain, ask your questions, share your challenges and get answers from experience (not from textbooks)?
  • What if you could have me - Nisandeh - as your mentor for a whole year?
    To ask you the right questions, listen to you, encourage you, kick your butt, push you, confront you, show you the way and never, never give up on you...

I Believe in You

I have read carefully your detailed application and I am looking forward to support you in the coming year, in our small-group Business Mentoring Program.

When you join me in this Business Mentoring program - we're going to invest one year of our lives together, to grow your business, your income and your positive impact in the world.

This is What You Get:

  • An individual strategy session with me at the beginning of the program - to define your goals and identify the main challenges we’ll need to tackle (normally €1,200)

  • A 3-hour monthly group mentoring session - where I address each participant’s main challenge for this month, so you’re not only learn the specific solution to your own challenge - but you learn from everyone else’s challenges and solutions (normally €250x12=€3,000)

  • During this monthly session, I also give you a specific, personalized assignment to complete until our next time together... which will focus you on what’s most important and profitable for this month.

  • A monthly organized mastermind meeting with the other members of your group - between our monthly sessions together - so you have likeminded people, who are working on the same goals with the same tools to support you with brainstorming, accountability and networking opportunities (normally €630)

  • The Implementation Ninja program - where I guide you EVERY WEEK to create something new in your business, making sure you’re taking every week a step forward in growing your business, income, impact and freedom (normally €2,475)

  • Accountability tool - last but not least... you and I are going to share an accountability tool, where you will be able to input and track the most important numbers in your business. Without this management information - you’ll be “flying in the dark”. I would be able to see your progress on a weekly basis, so I could offer you the most personalized and timely mentoring advice (normally €675)

I Have Some GOOD News and Some BAD News:

The good news:

  • I want you in my mentoring group for 2021...
    that means that I believe in you and your business.

  • The program starts in a couple of weeks...
    so you don’t have to wait to grow your business.

  • We made the program very affordable...
Instead of paying the normal price of €7,980...

    You only pay €1,980 to get it ALL (€6,000 discount).

    OR... you can pay in 12 monthly installments of €250.

The "bad" news:

  • We only have one mentoring group in 2021 for your business size

    If you don’t join now... you’re on your own for this year.

  • The dates are fixed

    (if you have to miss a meeting... we’ll record it for you)

  • We have many more applicants than places in the group... 

    so you’ll need to make up your mind and act quickly.

My Promise to You

My job is not to be easy on you.
My job is to take the great person you already are and to push you and make you even better.

I promise you to take my job very seriously this year.

If you're up to it... then join the Business Mentoring Program and we'll have an unforgettable year.

To your success,

Nisandeh Neta

PS. As soon as you reserved your place in the mentoring program - we will contact you to schedule a personal Zoom call with me to focus you on your goals and challenges for 2021.