Affirmations for Reaching Goals

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Make these affirmations work for you by following these practices:

  • Play the affirmations for reaching goals audio (below) and repeat each affirmation in your mind OR out loud - twice a day:
  • Do the first round in the morning, as soon as you can after waking up.
    This ensures you have a positive start to the day.
  • Do the second round in the evening, just before going to sleep.
    This ensures you have positive thoughts in your mind while you sleep.
  • Make a commitment to listen and repeat the affirmations for seven days.
    Think long term, and don’t give up.

Click the orange play button below to listen to the affirmations...

Research shows that your subconscious mind is much more receptive to affirmations when you hear them repeated in your own voice.

To multiply the power, effectiveness and lasting effect of these affirmations - create your own personalized affirmations here...

Please take a moment and let us know, in a comment below, what are your most important goals at this moment, and your commitment to follow the process for (at least) seven days.

  • Alma Ooster says:

    To embrace fully my commitment to be a trainer Who makes a big difference in peoples life, online and offline.

    Train myself in online Trainership. To visualize my goals daily.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Wonderful commitment Alma. Thanks for sharing it with us.

      Curious to know what would be your ACTIONS this week towards it?

      • Alma Thoen says:

        Yes Vered,
        -Start participating in Hugo Bakkers Year program for online trainership!
        -To interview 3 trainers in my working place who give live and online trainings.
        -To give my online training to 12 People on Thursday.

        • Vered Neta says:

          Great actions to take Alma. Thanks for sharing with us

  • Maarten Binnendijk says:

    Thank you for the affirmations of last week.
    They were very helpful for preparing a meeting at work about money.

    Question: How to solve the gap between us parents and the children about money?
    They are very materialistic (big house… etc) and we are more spiritual.

    • Vered Neta says:

      Great to hear Maarten that the affirmations helped with your meeting.
      That’s a GREAT way to use Affirmations in our daily life and make them practical.

      As for your question about closing the gap between you and your kids (although they are probably not kids anymore…)
      It’s starts by understanding that no matter what values we try to teach our children, they would have their own opinions and path in life to walk and therefore would choose the values that are meaningful for THEM and not necessarily yours.

      As a spiritual person you probably understand that acceptance and understanding is one of the pillars of spirituality.
      Why not try to understand what is it that they TRULY wish when they want the BIG house and cars and expensive vacations.
      What is it that is underneath it that they want.

      People don’t want the BIG house for a house. It always symbolizes something for them – maybe success, maybe fulfilment, maybe abundance… Just LISTEN to them and see what are the VALUES that they attach to those materialistic symbols and see if those values are things that you can connect to

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