Affirmations for Intuition

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Make these affirmations work for you by following these practices:

  • Play the affirmations for intuition audio (below) and repeat each affirmation in your mind OR out loud - twice a day:
  • Do the first round in the morning, as soon as you can after waking up.
    This ensures you have a positive start to the day.
  • Do the second round in the evening, just before going to sleep.
    This ensures you have positive thoughts in your mind while you sleep.
  • Make a commitment to listen and repeat the affirmations for seven days.
    Think long term, and don’t give up.

Click the orange play button below to listen to the affirmations...

Research shows that your subconscious mind is much more receptive to affirmations when you hear them repeated in your own voice.

To multiply the power, effectiveness and lasting effect of these affirmations - create your own personalized affirmations here...

Please take a moment and let us know, in a comment below, what does "intuition" mean for you, and your commitment to follow the process for (at least) seven days.

  • Maarten Binnendijk says:

    Dear Vered.
    I find it difficult to clear my mind. Yesterday I got a not so pleasant mail from work.
    It woke me up in the night and I kept repeating the answer.

    This morning I did the focus and clarity affirmations 3 time while working out.
    After that I did the intuition during a walk and suddenly the answer came.
    I have to use my humour instead of staying angry in my mind.

    For me the most difficult task is to clear my mind and focus in the present.

    Best ,Maarten

    • Vered Neta says:

      Hi Maarten,
      Thanks for your open and honest sharing about the challenges you had. It inspires others so much.
      This is a great question…

      The nest way that I have found (for myself) in clearing my mind and staying in present time, is…. FOCUSING ON MY BREATH.

      When you take a few moments and just focus on your breath going in and out, your mind stops running all over the place.
      You don’t have to do any special breathing or sit in a special position. Just OBSERVE your breath going in and out.

      If you find that your mind still comes in the way you can just say in your head “Rising” when you inhale… and “Falling” when you exhale…
      That way you give your mind a point of focus which is in PRESENT time.

      Give this a try and let us know how it goes…

  • Intuition for me: knowing what is the right thing to do. Not just for me, but for a bigger plan. Where my place in this world is right for me, but also for my environment.

    the affirmations showed me that I trust my intuition big time and that I do use it. Whenever I choose NOT to follow my intuition, it is because I overrule it with my mind- because something is “not done”.

    People always tell me that I am so full of trust (towards other people) but it’s because my intuition tells me they can be trusted.

    I did this for the first time and my main confrontation was that I should accept more my intuition instead of questioning it whether it is from my intuition or from my mind. It’s just that I find it still … weird… to say that its something that I FEEL is right instead of reasoning why its right. So I work this way: my intuition tells me it is right, and then I find the reasons:)

    • Vered Neta says:

      The only way to get more confidence with your intuition is to take action upon it as soon as you can.
      The more you do it the more you’ll start understanding when it is pure intuition and when it’s your mind telling you it’s intuition.

      But what will happen is that you will become more aware how true intuition works WITHIN you. You will start noticing the sensations in your body when it’s intuition and when it’s your mind.
      The best part is that – you are starting communicating with your intuition and telling it that you trust it and then you become more connected to what the Universe is saying to you…

  • Wow, I didn’t see this coming. I suddenly found myself in tears, listening to the affirmations.

    I discovered that it didn’t feel safe for me, to trust my intuition. There’s a lot of pain behind it.
    Slowly, listening again and again, I decided: yes, it is time for me to let in this strength, this power again.
    I welcome my intuition back in my life.

    Thank you Vered, for healing and restoring something which was lost long time ago…

    • Vered Neta says:

      WOW, Mirjam. Thank you so much for this AMAZING sharing with us on your experience with the Affirmations.

      I’m touched and honoured that I could be supportive to your OWN journey back to your intuition.
      Just remember, it’s YOU who have made the decision to trust yourself and your intuition.

      Keep on using them and it would become part of you and there would be no need for any effort on your part.
      Keep us posted how it goes.
      If it works for you you can get those Affirmation in your OWN voice when you choose for the Personalised Affirmations

  • Maarten Binnendijk says:

    Dear Vered & Nisandeh
    Thank you for two inspiring weeks.

    My focus is a bit better. For 42 years I worked as a fysio/manual therapist in a kind of posh narrow minded neighbourhood.
    I lost my focus listening to their stories and felt locked up in my body and mind.

    Last week I did the affirmations walking through a forest or cycling through the dunes of Scheveningen.

    It felt a lot stronger than sitting at home.
    I did the intuition affirmations yesterday morning and in the evening I felt the urge to call my daughter and that was the perfect timing.

    I want to tell you that I feel already more free and happy. Again I want to thank you for that.

    I have the whole package and I wonder what the advanced course can bring me more.

    Kind regards ,
    Maarten Binnendijk

    • Vered Neta says:

      Thank you Maarten for this AMAZING sharing with us on the results you have already achieved with the affirmations.

      From our experience of over 30 years of working with Affirmations and from our students experiences, we know that the more you use them the quicker the results that you wish to have come into your life AND with less effort.
      Keep on using them and keep us posted how it goes.

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