Build your confidence and improve your self esteem using this top rated 10-minute guided self esteem meditation. 10 minutes a day can change your life.

With this 10-minute guided confidence meditation - you immediately feel better... eliminating self-doubt, insecurities, inadequacies, and low self-esteem.

Let us guide you through a meditation to improve your self esteem. You are far more wonderful than you give yourself credit for. Allow this high quality guided meditation to show you what an amazing and unique person you truly are.

This short confidence booster (10-minute) guided meditation for self esteem includes mindfulness practice to manage stress and anxiety, increase self-worth, nurture self-esteem, promote self-confidence and boost positive thinking. Suitable for all levels: meditation for beginners and advanced.

This 10-minute guided meditation will help you start your morning off full of positive energy & confidence.

Do you feel you are not good enough? 10 minutes of guided meditation can help you transform a lack of self-esteem into inner confidence. It is a great tool to help reduce negative thoughts and boost your self-esteem. Take just a few moments to notice how you feel after your practice.

Play this video whenever you need a confidence boost. The more you play it, the more your subconscious will accept it as the truth.

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