Mindfulness Exercises.

Guided Meditations.
Positive Affirmations.

When you practice mindfulness you experience calmness and relaxation, higher levels of energy and enthusiasm for living, increased self-confidence and self-acceptance and more compassion for others. 

You also experience less stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction or low immune function.

Ready to experience Mindful Living?
Check out the section below to find out how we make it easy to stay committed to your practice. 

Practicing mindfulness, meditation and affirmations improves all aspects of your life.

Here's How to Get Started:

New? Start Here!

When life is too hectic or stressed... do the one thing you have absolute control over...
Take 10-20 minutes a day and focus inwards using these FREE 15 guided meditations...

30-Day Challenge

Committing to a long-term mindfulness practice is not always easy; however with our Mindfulness Challenge you  turn mindfulness into an everyday natural and effortless practice...

Your Affirmations

The two most important words you ever speak are "I AM"... and what you put after these words determine your destiny...

Use the Positive Affirmations Program to reprogram your mind.

Advanced Courses

When you're ready to create your ideal life - regardless of any external circumstances...

Explore our step-by-step, online video courses - guaranteed to take you to the next level.

About Us.

Hi... We are Vered and Nisandeh Neta.

We grew up in Israel in the 60's.
In the 90's we immigrated to the Nethelands, raised a daughter and ran the biggest personal-development academy in Europe.
We practice and teach meditation and mindfulness to hundreds of thousands of students for over 25 years

Since 2015 we live a simple, off-the-grid life in Tenerife (Canary Islands) and continue spreading the message of mindful living.

What Our Students are Saying:

Miriam Creusen

Management Consultant

"I got massive results in achieving my goals and incredible insights. If you want to know how it feels to be the creator of your own life, you’ve got to try this program!

I love the exercises and the meditations... I want more!"

Dimphy Boetzkes


"I achieved so much in my 7 goals. It was great to do because you are the best in questioning... so I took my life to the next level.

I loved your questions, reactions and meditations."

Yvonne van der Laan

Creative Entrepreneur

"I gained more focus, more relaxation and trust. And...more structure... in my tasks, ideas, time management and my finances. Less worries, more confidence and at the same time more focused action."

Robin van Wees

Founder Massage Academy

"We changed our daily routines, we focus more on our goals, we have a more positive attitude and energy throughout the day, we enjoy more to be alive, have more trust in life itself..."